Why Choose The Dough Ball Pizza Company? - Doughball Pizza Why Choose The Dough Ball Pizza Company? - Doughball Pizza

As you know, there is so much choice for almost any product or service on the market. Every company has a competitor and for any product, there is a substitute.

So why choose Dough Ball Pizza?

The dough ball pizza company began its production of pizza dough in 1900 within the same period that pizza was first created. The Pillitteri family was one of only few families who perfected the art of dough preparation and passed this through generations.

The traditional methods are still used today by the remaining members of the Pillitteri family. The production of the dough is perfectly mixed and hand finished providing customers an authentic product with real Italian heritage.

Unlike the competition, the dough ball pizza company only specialise in pizza dough production and consultancy. Others will use the same dough which were used for various other products such as doughnuts, breads and muffins and use this for the selling of pizza dough. Their method lacks specific product knowledge and Italian pizza industry standards.

The Pillitteri family are so proud of their products that you are able to visit the production facility and sample a taste of their hand crafted pizzas cooked inside a wood fired pizza oven as proof to their word and corporate philosophy “perfect dough=perfect pizza, first time, every time”

If you would like additional information about the services we can offer your business please email our head office sales@doughballpizza.co.uk or alternatively call 01282 411150