Water Purification - Doughball Pizza Water Purification - Doughball Pizza

We believe that pizza dough is only truly ecological if the water has been specifically filtered of contaminants and toxins

This process significantly enhances the taste and flavour of your dough so you can rest assure that your customers are enjoying a genuine product of purity.


In order to provide this level of sophistication, we use the latest innovations in microbiological technology. Our purification system have been extensively tested and independently certified to USEPA Guide Standard protocol against bacteria, cysts and viruses. Using ultrafine micro straining which removes pathogens and disease toxins down to 0.1 microns (0.4 absolute). This technology also uses Broad Spectrum Molecular Capture to remove chlorine and other trace contaminates that can be toxic and/or carcinogenic, along with foul taste, odour and colour leaving only the cleanest and purest water in your products.


View data highlighting the effectiveness in removing contaminants and toxins most frequently found in water supplies.

If you would like additional information about the services we can offer your business please email our head office sales@doughballpizza.co.uk or alternatively call 01282 411150