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Below are a selection of our most prestigious craft ovens
Simply choose the oven you like, send us your request and we will build it for you according to your needs. You can customise the diameter, colour, type of mosaic, support and much more.

Up to 10 Pizzas

Rotating oven GAS / Wood

Rotating oven with 2 mouths, both gas and wood powered.

Up to 10 Pizzas
Gas Rotating Oven

Oven with rotating top and gas supply.

Recommended for elegant venues
Ascanio Oven

The Ascanio model oven is supplied exclusively in gold leaf version including rounded wrought iron support.

Best Seller
Elegant oven

Stylish oven combines style, quality and professionalism.

Ideal For Street Food
Oven For Vehicles

Each vehicle is customized and tailor-made according to customer requirements.

Up to 9 Pizzas
Classic Oven

Our classic oven that can be configured with wood, gas or both.

Up to 2 Pizzas
Baby oven

Ideal as a secondary oven to offer gluten-free pizza.

Ideal for Outdoor Venues
Oven With Barbecue

The oven with BBQ access gives you the opportunity to cook food in two different ways, taking advantage of the bakery produced by the oven without further consumption and the presence of the double hood allows you to better handle the cooking fumes.

Cooking Hob

Dough Ball Pizza is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of traditional Neopolitan wood and gas hand craft furnaces characterized by low vault and original terracotta refractory brick stove. Upon request, there is a cooking hob with Sorrento Biscuit or Refractory Plates.

Red Brick

Temperature up to 950°C

White Brick

Temperature up to 1200°C

Yellow Brick

Temperature up to 1700°C

Red Plate

Temperature up to 950°C

White Plate

Temperature up to 1200°C

Sorrento’s Biscuit

Temperature up to 1200°C

Craft furnaces that last over time.

Every our oven is built entirely by hand, brick on brick, without the use of prefabricated.The refractory terracotta stove guarantees solidity, high yield and excellent energy savings. The terracotta, thanks to its thermal characteristics, guarantees the food a uniform cooking and inimitable flavours.


Terracotta refractory red brick cooktop. On request is provided a hob with Sorrento Biscuit or Refractory Plates.


Rotating cooking plate adjustable in height. Cooking takes place without the need for manual rotation of the pizza maker.


The dome of mobile furnaces is insulated with reinforced ceramic fiber reinforced with welded electro-net, a feature that makes it possible to move to hot, without deforming or injuring itself.


The oven with attached barbecue offers the possibility of cooking on site with two different cooking methods, exploiting the oven grate.

If you would like additional information about the services we can offer your business please email our head office or alternatively call 01282 411150