Activated Charcoal Pizza Dough - Doughball Pizza Activated Charcoal Pizza Dough - Doughball Pizza

The Dough Ball Pizza Company continuously remains vigilant of the pizza industry and the needs of the consumer. The latest trend which has emerged is the carbon black pizza dough coloured using activated charcoal.

Dough Ball pizza is one of the first to capitalise on this, ensuring only the highest quality food grade charcoal is used in the making of Black dough.

The sourcing of this charcoal is unique to Dough ball Pizza and the creation of the black dough ball.

Charcoal used in production is…

100% Natural




Health benefits are said to include…

Reduced symptoms of indigestion and bloating

Lowered cholesterol level and regulates intestinal transit


The black dough does not in any way alter the taste of your dough ball and is an ideal additional to your pizza menu and seasonal trends such as Halloween.


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